Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sidewalk Sam's Postcards from Boston

Tina's notes:
WOW! Saturday was a perfect New England late-summer day, with lots of nice folks doing art on the sidewalk. The Pond was pretty crowded, so that was lovely. We always call this last week "Postcards from Boston" and we even had a family from Boston, England stop by! How fun is that? Also folks from Finland, Ecuador, Panama, Spain, some "Pabst Beer" fans from Wisconsin and, of course, Massachusetts visitors to Boston as well. Some of our "regulars" returned from vacations and were sad (as was I) that the season was ending.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chinese Caligraphy at the Frog Pond

This week, we have guest commentary from
Sidewalk Sam's companion artist
(and Frog Pond craft photographer) Tina Guilleman!

It was a perfect Boston day. (Finally!) Sunny, but breezy.
It felt great. While the Pond was quieter than normal,
we did Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls.

The kids (and a lot of adults!) really concentrated.

We had examples of Chinese characters,

but we also hosted a large amount of "real" Chinese visitors
and they really enjoyed it.

The kids did some very nice art,
decorating (after they wrote the characters in ink)
with stamps, stickers and markers.

When they were done, we gave them a choice of cool ribbons
to wrap around their scrolls.

Everyone had another super day!

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The British Encampment at Faneuil Hall

Why are all these British Loyalists waiting in line?

They're about to enjoy a delicious buffet at Cheers Faneuil Hall!

This 18th century garrison was stationed on the Boston Common
in celebration of the Freedom Trail's 50th Anniversary.

After three days of reenactments this weekend
sponsored by the Freedom Trail Foundation,
these troops were ready for some 21st century fare!

Our staff, exhausted, but satisfied after serving the troops.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Making Froggie Friends" at the Frog Pond

This Saturday, Sidewalk Sam and his friends helped Frog Pond visitors make foam homes for little frog friends.

A Jurassic sample created by Sam's friends

If the frog gets to the castle,
maybe the princess will give him a kiss!

A frog's underwater world, with a red fish!

Because frogs live in the water and on land, they have all sorts of friends, including checkered dolphins and yellow dinosaurs.

An impressive three-dimensional habitat!

Frogs love flowers, gems, and bright colors!

This frog and dolphin are going to explore the castle.

There's a lot for this frog to explore!

This frog is watching his world take shape around him.