Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ground Breaking

      BOSTON - Hampshire House Corporation breaks ground on its newest restaurant location on Liberty Wharf in the South Boston Seaport District of Boston.  The location of the business is a small kiosk at the west end of the Liberty Wharf development.  This is the last piece of the project that replaces the old Jimmy’s Harbor side restaurant complex.
      The concept will be similar to the company’s operation knows as 75 Chestnut on the flat of Beacon Hill.  The new bar and grill will be known as 75 on Liberty Wharf.  The restaurant will feature a full menu of selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night.  Following the lead of its sister operation on Beacon Hill, 75 on Liberty Wharf will endeavor to be a neighborhood place serving the ever increasing number of people living in the waterfront area.  Tom Kershaw, owner of Hampshire House Corporation says “the new menu features everything you would like to eat on Monday night.  The prices will be reasonable, and specials will be offered daily to provide more variety for our regular customers.  We are pleased to be joining the rest of the restaurant and bar operations on Liberty Wharf and in the Seaport District.”
       The bar and grill operation will have a capacity of 60 inside year round and another 60 outside for additional dining during the good weather.  Construction on the project began on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, and the opening is expected sometime in September.  Kershaw reports “it was a real challenge to fit a restaurant and bar in this 1500 square foot building.  We have been working on the design since early March and finally received the approvals required to begin construction.  We will be here for a long time so we wanted to get it right.  We have a good plan and look forward to being able to serve food and beverage in the newest neighborhood in Boston, utilizing our 15 years of experience in one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, Beacon Hill.”