Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marathon Man: Cheers Barman Finishes 3rd Boston Marathon

It is with great pride that we announce that one of our own Bartenders completed the 112th Running of the Boston Marathon this past Patriots Day.

Philadelphia's number one Irishman, Brian Cawley, finished the 26-mile course in 4:43.

Perhaps it was not his best time but he most likely will credit his swift finish to his hard training runs every weekend and a very strict diet of Bacon & Mayo sandwiches, pints of Guinness, followed by Mutch Daster Cigars. Of course, he would not leave out Chef Fouad's famous Boston Cream Pie…all of which was his daily meal plan.

Word has it that Brian's time would have been better if he had not stopped at the "Happy Swallow" in downtown Framingham. He met up with a few old buddies from "Cawley's Irish Pub" in Upper Darby and swapped stories about famous Eagle Football Teams. This was Brian's 3rd Boston Marathon and now that little Max is walking, Brian plans to run his 4th if he can keep up with the little guy.

Congratulations Brian, from all of us at 84 Beacon!

~Eddie Doyle, Sr. Bartender

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