Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staff & Management of "Cheers" Receive Award!

On Wednesday, February 11, The Staff and Management of Boston’s Bull & Finch Pub received an Award from the Massachusetts National Guard and The Defense Department. The award was given in recognition for "Going Above and Beyond" in honoring a member of the National Guard Military Police Unit from Taunton, prior to his departure to Iraq.

This member is also a bartender by the name of Kevin Owen, an employee of The Hampshire House/Bull & Finch Pub. It is very typical of this now famous icon of Boston, to organize an event to acknowledge someone special, in this case Kevin Owen, for his friendship and his service to his Country.

His unit has been deployed to Iraq for only a few weeks and has already suffered the loss of one of its members. Many of the Staff of the Pub has kept in touch with Kevin via e-mails…until now. It seems like only a few weeks ago that nearly 200 friends and relatives fathered at Cheers to wish him the best, and "safe trip home." To the surprise of the Staff of the Bull and Finch, Headquarters of the Massachusetts National Guard will present an award for Employer Support of The Guard and Reserves to The Bull & Finch for showing their support for their fellow bartender and friend, Kevin Owen.

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