Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The "Art" of Lobsterfest

Summer in the city means many things. For 75 Chestnut regulars, we know that one of those fabulous things is Lobsterfest!

Lobsters have long defined summer all over New England. Many locals feel the season has not begun until they have enjoyed their first delicious lobster! Every Saturday in July, 75 Chestnut celebrates summer with classic and innovative lobster creations. We also serve selection of refreshing summer drinks (such as our famous Sangria) and our full menu.

But we wanted to find a way to celebrate this delicious creatures in more ways than one. This year, we joined forces with local artist Katrina Wilbur to make something truly unique for guests!

Katrina Wilbur is a 20 year old Illustration major at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. A bit of a "jack of all trades," Katrina is interested in many different kinds of illustration. Katrina's main focuses are painting and children's style illustrations.

For this month only, 75 Chestnut will display one-of-a-kind lobster paintings by Katrina. Guests may purchase these paintings while visiting our restaurant.

All proceeds will benefit our Cheers for Children charity.

Visit us this month to bring home a piece of 75 Chestnut!

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