Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Summer Martinis list at 75 Chestnut

Summer Martini 
 75 Twisted Sweet Tea- Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Premium Orgnge Liqueur and Organic Lemonade
Pina Colada Martini- This fun cocktail is made with Cruzan Coconut Rum infused with fresh pineapple
St- Germain & Pineapple Cosmo- Our own pineapple infused vodka miked with St- Germain, pineapple juice       & fresh lime juice
Red Grapefruit Martini- Our own raspberry infused vodka shaken with fresh grapefruit juice & topped with        lemon-lime Soda
Beijo Tropical-Cruzan Guava Rum & Beija Cachaca shaken with coconut water, orange-mango juice &
   lime juice
Mango Margarita- Jalapeno infused tequila mixed with mango nectar, orange liqueur, lime juice & mint simple syrup.
Spicy & Dirty Martini- Absolut Vodka, pepperonicini brine, olive juice. Garrnish with blue cheese stuffed olives & pepperoncini.
75 Window Box Martini- Hanger one Buddha's Hand Citron vodka shaken with lemon juice and  Monin
 natural  lavender syrup.
Strawberry Mojito- Cruzan Strawberry Rum mixed with muddles fresh mint, simple syrup and lime juice. Topped with carbonated water.

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