Monday, June 8, 2009

"Cheers" to Old Town Trolley

Old Town Trolley, Boston's Best Sightseeing Tour, now has a trolley stop at Cheers Beacon Hill!

Trolley stop # 7!
"The historic landmark pub, formerly the Bull & Finch, was transformed from a long-standing neighborhood gathering spot for locals into one of Boston’s must-see stops for visitors after gaining notoriety as the location of the popular 1980’s TV sitcom, Cheers. The Bull & Finch Pub was founded in 1969 and was discovered in 1981 by Hollywood couple Mary Ann and Glenn Charles. During their visit they photographed the interior and exterior of the pub, which they gave to the set designer back in Hollywood to replicate for the set of the new show. Cheers premiered on NBC in 1982 and remained on the air for 11 seasons, receiving over 100 Emmy nominations over the years. The pub eventually changed its name to Cheers to avoid confusion."

Trolley rider can not only be picked up and dropped off at the bar where everyone knows your name, but tickets can now be purchased right at our Front Desk! Old Town Trolley representatives are standing by to assist during business hours.

Don't forget to visit Trolley Stop #1, featuring Quincy Marketplace and our Cheers Faneuil Hall "The Replica" location!

"This festival marketplace offers over 150 shops, restaurants, and merchant carts in the three buildings surrounding Faneuil Hall, North Market, Quincy Market, and South Market. Quincy Market, the center building, is a great gathering spot and place for lunch, with over 35 stands offering a global food selection. During the summer months, street performers often entertain the crowds around the marketplace. Jugglers, clowns, puppeteers, musicians, and magicians are just a few types of entertainers that can be seen on the cobblestone promenade."

Click here for the Old Town Trolley map of the city, one of the most popular and useful tools for anyone visiting!

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