Monday, June 29, 2009

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Everyone knows the infamous characters of the Cheers TV show who helped to make the Bull & Finch Pub one of the most happening places in Boston. But who is really behind the magic of this famous bar?

The Hampshire House Cooperation features some of the most talented and dedicated staff members in the city of Boston. Many of the people still working here today were around during the time Cheers was first on the air. Newbies (anyone who has worked her for one to fifteen years) bring their own dedication and talents to the building, helping to enrich and diversify our ever-growing family.

Stay tuned for a weekly staff member to be featured here on the Cheer Blog.

This week: General manager "Billy D"

Name: Billy DeCain

Position: General Manager

Hometown: Revere, MA

Current Town: Weymouth, MA

How long you have worked here: 22 years

What position you started in: Retail

Favorite memory: Meeting all the Cheers & Boston sports celebrities on the night of the Final Cheers episode. This was on May 20th, 1993, with Jay Leno & the Tonight Show broadcasting live from 84 Beacon Street.

Favorite Cheers character: Tom Babson, the local actor who played the role of Sam’s lawyer

Billy with the Cheers crew in the 2008 Corporate Challenge

Billy with the Cheers Beacon Hill Management Team in 2008

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