Monday, December 14, 2009

The Front Desk at Gingerbread Brunch

The Front Desk staff, usually the ones to check guests in for an event, were able to relax and attend an event themselves...
The Hampshire House's Gingerbread Brunch!

Following a delicious brunch of waffles, eggs benedict,
and an omelet, Eric brought out a gingerbread house
for each receptionist and bags of icing!

After gathering candy from the buffet in the Baker Bar,
the ladies got to work on their houses.

Tracy decided to make a gingerbread version
of the Hampshire House, complete with Eric in his Valet coat.

She was very excited to show Eric her creation,
but not until she was done decorating!

Meanwhile, Sara made a gingerbread cottage inspired by her own home. Well, the apartment number is the same, but the roof might be a little different in real life.

A bit more abstract, Tracy decorated the front of her gingerbread Hampshire House with peppermint stairs, a candy cane front desk, two round candy receptionists checking a yellow Necco coat, and a candy wrapper chandelier.

Lara's house featured Necco Wafers as roof shingles
and Good & Plenty for a brick exterior.

Taylor's house had a beautiful gumdrop garden
with a hearty patch of candy canes!

It looks like everyone had a good time at brunch...

Especially Eric!

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