Monday, December 21, 2009

Tia's Gingerbread Birthday Party!

Last weekend, some of our Hampshire House family headed to 75 Chestnut to celebrate the ninth birthday of Tia,
the daughter of Sara Hyatt, who works in HR and Accounting.

Guests included the daughters on Marc Lomanno,
our Asst. Controller

Here's Marc, with one of his daughters.

Once the houses were brought out, everyone was hard at work!

Looks like Tia is using some Chicklets!

With so much candy,
it was hard to chose what building materials to use!

But first, you need a good layer of icing.

Artists at work!

This red and white house seems to match the artist's outfit!

A mix of peppermints, Chiclets, and licorice
made Tia's house complete!

Pink and green are a classic color combination,
and the snowy, gumdrop roof is very festive!

Colorful columns held up this house!

Those stripes look delicious!
It must have taken a lot of patience to match those colors.

In the back...
A very clever use of licorice!

Happy Birthday Tia!

We hope all your birthday wishes came true!

Special thanks to the sister of Michele Giacomozzi, our Catering Sales Director, who decorated these delicious Santa cupcakes!

The Santas became the official guards
of the completed gingerbread houses.

This one stopped to admire a well-crafted peppermint heart!

But they all guarded Tia's house with extra care!

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